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A professional air filter without a high-quality fan is not a professional air filter. The filter and fan are a two-unit, equal in durability and high quality. The CF Industrial fans are therefore innovative, powerful, efficient and easy to use.

When it comes to fans, CF Industrial relies on the expertise of Can-Fan, an experienced and forward thinking wholesaler of fans manufactured in Germany. Can-Fan delivers worldwide and, like CF Industrial, is an innovative and versatile company.

Together we ensure that our customers can count on suitable fans and a wide range of custom air filtration solutions. Just like our filter systems, our fans are also suitable for high-quality use in various sectors and industries - anywhere in the world.

Would you like more information about a high-quality custom solution? Please feel free to consult us. We are happy to advise you - without obligation.

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Even our simplest of fans are ERP-certified. ERP is a European quality mark and indicates the efficiency of a fan based on energy consumption and sustainability. The quality mark is mandatory within the European member states.