Clean Air, Activated Carbon Solutions

Get to know our CFI brand filters

Meet CFI, the brand at the forefront of the world of custom activated carbon filters and uncompromising quality. At CF Industrial, we deliberately chose the name CFI as our custom product within the world of filtration. Why? Because CFI is more than just a label. It symbolizes not only our company name, but also our deep-seated commitment to providing filtration solutions that meet the highest quality standards.

CFI represents the best specialized product in custom filter solutions. Our technical expertise and ability to precisely tailor filters to our customers' specifications sets our product apart. With that vision in mind, we developed CFI - because we understand the technical nuances, critical details and specific requirements that each filtration situation presents. We sometimes guide our customers from the very beginning of the concept design stage, ensuring that CFI offers a product line that meets all of their needs.

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About CFI

Expertise and specialization

Our dedication to filtration is anything but accidental. At CF Industrial, we have a team of experts with in-depth knowledge and experience in filtration technology. We specialize in custom solutions because we understand that no two filtration tasks are the same. You can rely on our expertise to provide the ideal filtration solution for your specific needs with CFI.

Custom solutions

Our core value is customization. We understand that effective filtration requires filters to be tailored to each customer's unique requirements. We listen to your requirements and specifications and develop solutions that flawlessly match what you need. This is why customization is one of our strengths; it provides you with the assurance that our filters are a perfect fit for your applications.

High quality products

The CFI brand presents a product line that covers a wide range of filtration applications. This product line is based on our expertise and experience in successfully filtering air within various industries and applications, while constantly having to meet the strictest quality standards. This makes CFI the trusted choice for anyone looking for the highest quality in air filtration products.

Clean Air, Activated Carbon Solutions

We believe in the power of innovation and we understand that customization is essential in the world of filtration. Not every project is the same, which is why we are committed to creating filtration solutions that are designed and customized to meet the unique requirements of each customer project. Our product, CFI, embodies this commitment to innovation and adaptability.

CFI is more than the result of our evolutionary process. It represents our commitment to excellence and our customer-centric approach; it is evidence of our dedication to delivering superior solutions. We are therefore proud to present CFI - a symbol of our growth, our commitment to quality and our unwavering dedication to being the best in our field.