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Gases and harmful particles are invisible and any damage is unpredictable. It is important to first clarify the situation and any presumptions. For example, is there a nuisance odour in a company or space? Has technical equipment been affected? Do people in the environment complain about bad smells? Or should government measures be taken to control toxic or harmful gases?

No business situation is the same. Variables such as the industry, local conditions, the degree and type of production or the specific use of spaces are all decisive. For this reason, the solution is never straightforward. However, one thing is for sure, CF Industrial has an effective means to arrive at a solution: activated carbon and an oxidant filter medium.

Active carbon
Activated carbon is a porous black material made from wood, peat, coal and coconut husks. The carbon is activated with steam or chemicals, thereby increasing the absorption force. This makes it ideal for air and water purification and for refining edible oils, sugar and other liquids.

Oxidant filter medium
The oxidant filter medium is made on the basis of aluminium oxide mixed with different binders and impregnated with potassium permanganate.

Not every situation can be solved with only activated carbon or an oxidant filter medium. Sometimes a combination of different filter media is necessary. We call this a blend. Depending on the situation, CF Industrial uses different types of blends.

A selection of common solutions


CKV-1 is a coal-based extruded activated carbon with a nomial grain size of 1 mm. Due to its small grain size, it is often used in applications where a small container or cassette is required. The relatively larger outer surface ensures a higher absorption speed. The pressure difference over...

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CKV-2 is a coal-based extruded activated carbon with a nomial grain size of 2 mm. In terms of grain size, this carbon lies between regular 3 mm activated carbon and small 1 mm activated carbon. This means that it has a lower pressure drop than the 1 mm CKV-1 but also a higher absorption rate than the...

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CKV-3 is one of the most widely used activated carbon types. It is a coal-based, pelletised, steam-activated carbon with a nominal grain size of 3 mm. Due to the wide variety of pore sizes, it is an all-round activated carbon. The benefit of pelletised activated carbon is a...

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CKV-4 is the second most widely used activated carbon in industrial applications. It is a coal-based, pelletised, steam-activated carbon with a nominal grain size of 4 mm. Due to the wide variety of pore sizes, it is an all-round activated carbon. The benefit...

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CKT 5025-AF-V3-O8 (-HE)

In those situations where there is no room for multiple filter beds, this mix of 3 different media offers a solution to capture a wide range of gases, including an average concentration of industrial acid gases such as: Hydrogen sulfide (H2S), Sulfur dioxide (SO2) and Chloride (Cl2)...

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CKB 5050-V3-O8

This medium uses both absorption and chemisorption technology to remove the widest possible range of gases. This combination removes odour and corrosive gases, including: Hydrocarbons, Volatile organic compounds (VOC), Formaldehyde, Nitrogen oxides...

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CKB 7525-V3-O8

When the mix of gases to be removed requires a different recipe for the filter medium, we can adjust the proportions of your medium to your specific needs. CKB 8020-V3-O8 has been specially developed for spray paint and glue applications where activated carbon alone does not...

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CKB 9010-AF-08(-HE)

This mix of impregnated media has been developed to remove diesel and kerosene exhaust from trucks, trains and aircraft. It is often used in office buildings, hotels, schools and airports to clean the fresh air supply. Emission gases can be both uncomfortable and bad...

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CKO-Purple 8%

CKO-Purple 8% is an aluminium oxide chemisorption medium impregnated with at least 8% potassium permanganate. Gases are removed from the air stream by means of a chemisorption process and converted into solids that remain in the grain. CKO-Purple 8% is...

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CKG-Super Lite Wood

CKG Super Lite W is a steam activated carbon granulate made of wood. It has a low specific gravity, a high absorption capacity and larger pores. This activated carbon has been successfully used in the hydroponic odour control market for over 30 years...

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CKV-4x6 is a coarse-grained activated carbon based on bitumen. This activated carbon is generally harder than pelletised activated carbon and is lower in price. Due to their shape, they have a higher differential pressure because of the more compact filter bed. Gases that can be removed include: Organic gases, Volatile...

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